Local ministers that are supported through Ambassadors for Christ reach out to communities near the clinic. Clinic staff visit with these families and if it is determined that the children in the families are suffering from malnutrition and/or other medical problems, they are offered assistance through the Nutrition Ministry.

For $35/month, you can sponsor a child in the nutrition ministry. This donation provides medical evaluation/medicines, psychological counseling, dental care, food for the family and Bible study. The children are monitored and remain in the program for up to one year or until significant improvement in their health is achieved. Family members are also given the opportunity to learn a skill, such as cooking classes. These skills should provide them with more opportunities to support their families in a wholesome way.

Sponsors of children in the Nutrition Ministry will receive photos and detailed report about the child they are sponsoring, as well as periodic updates. If you would like more information about sponsoring a child in the Nutrition Ministry, please let us know by contacting us with your specific questions.