Part of the ministry of Ambassadors for Christ is to coordinate Brigades and the service work that the Brigades provide to the needy in Honduras. Many Honduran people are blessed through the work of visiting brigades. Brigades help set up clean water programs for villages, they distribute food to the needy, visit people in hospitals, give medical and dental care, help orphan children, and construct houses.

Most importantly, brigade members share the gospel of Jesus Christ through their actions, service, literature, vacation bible schools. The ultimate goal is supporting the local ministers in the communities in Honduras. The service projects performed by the brigades only emphasize the message of the gospel and show the love of Christ. Hundreds of souls have put on Christ in baptism and over 100 individuals were baptized in 2018.

If you or your youth group/church missions, or school organizations are interested in learning more about serving in Honduras or if you need assistance in organizing a brigade and would like to work through AFC, please let us know by contacting us with your specific questions.