Local ministers supported by donors and churches reach out to people in the local communities through the teaching of the gospel. Following a recommendation to the clinic from the ministers, clinic doctors and staff visit these families in the villages. After evaluations are made, those in need are cared for at the clinic facilities located in Tegucigalpa. The clinic has a staff of eight that includes doctors, dentists, psychologists, and a clinic preacher. Through sponsorship of children in the program, children with medical needs are treated, dental care is provided, and supplemental food is provided to the families of the malnourished. Most importantly, the families are educated on prevention through better hygiene and health practices. The children on monitored medically, and once they have made sufficient improvement, they are moved out of the program so that others may be served.

The ministers preach and teach through Bible studies while families are waiting at the clinic. The most recent educational opportunities that are being provided at the clinic are cooking classes, and psychological counseling.